Dubbed by the Press “the Wrinkle Eraser”, the R3 Cell Matrix Mask achieves 3 simultaneous anti-ageing actions, and can be applied on 4 different parts of the face and body. Within 20 minutes, the skin looks visibly smoother, more radiant and more unified, while leaving a feeling of intense softness and plumpness – exactly as baby skin.


1. Restores and rejuvenates the stem cells’ protective eco-system via stabilized retinol, vitamin C, vitamin A and powerful anti-oxidants.

2. Replenishes immediately the skin via vitamins B3 & E

3. Restructures the cell’s nutritive extra-cellular matrix thanks to Omegas 3+6+9 and ultra-concentrated hyaluronic acids





Dermatologically & Ophthalmologically tested

R3 Cell Matrix Mask (50ml)

  • Exposure to damaging pollutants and UV rays can weaken the skin’s natural protective defences, leading to premature ageing, inflammation and damage to the underlying collagen matrix. To counteract this unfortunate state of skin affairs, Dr LEVY Switzerland has come up with a (characteristically ingenious) antidote, exclusively at Cult Beauty: the R3 Cell Matrix Mask. 

    Visibly restoring skin’s healthy glow, firmness and brightness, this miraculous mask will leave your complexion silky-soft yet durable and invigorated. It’s supercharged with potent vitamins and antioxidants to reinforce the natural defences of our fibroblasts and dermal stem cells. Stabilised retinol helps to increase collagen production and encourages the epidermis to act as a stronger natural shield, boosted by a dose of firming vitamin A and ficus cells extract. Stabilised vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce inflammation and guard against free radicals, aided by powerfully protective vitamin E. Concentrated hyaluronic acid hydrates intensely and helps to restore skin’s youthful plumpness, while omegas 6 and 9 provide a strong anti-inflammatory, soothing effect.