Botox® Two Areas

Two areas is usually an option for treatment of both forehead and frown lines together. Treatment includes free consultation. €249

Botox® Three Areas

If you need all three areas treated, the average cost per area is reduced. Treatment includes free consultation. €269

Botox® One Area

Choose one area that you would like to treat. A popular choice is isolated crows feet treatment. Treatment includes free consultation.


Dermal Filler- Lips

Cost is dependent on amount of filler used. A typical treatment is from 0.5-1ml treatment. We use top brand filler Juvederm 3 for lip treatments. We can formulate a plan to achieve your final Enhanced look. Treatment includes a free consultation. 0.5ml - €179 1ml - €269

Consultation - Free

A consultation prior to treatment is free of charge.

When having Botox®, there is also a free adjustment appoinment two weeks post-treatment, where if required, a top up will be administered.

Special Facial Reshaping with 2ml Voluma Dermal Filler

This is a specialised unique treatment by Dr. Tong where he uses 2ml of Juvederm Voluma to fully reshape your face. There are no formulas as every clients face is different. He will assess your face and determine where it is best to place the filler to enhance your ideal facial shape. 1ml Juverderm Voluma- €300 2ml Juvederm Voluma - €600

Facial Dermal Filler

For Fine lines, smoker lines, smile lines and area focused treatments like cheeks, chin and temple restoration 0.5ml - €150 1ml - €300