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Before undergoing any non-surgical or skin treatment, a free consultation is an essential step towards understanding your personalised care. It provides an invaluable opportunity for you to discuss your concerns, expectations, and desired outcomes directly with either Dr. Tong or Nurse Natalie.  While you might initially consider one type of treatment as the solution, we often uncover alternative options that may effectively address your concerns, sometimes surprising our clients with diverse treatment possibilities.


During this session, we will assesses your individual needs, evaluate your skin concerns, and offers expert advice on suitable treatment options. We start your consultation by listening to you and your unique concerns and goals whilst carefully studying your face both at rest and in its dynamic state. This thorough discussion aids in establishing realistic expectations and ensures the chosen treatment aligns with your objectives. 

The consultation is also the chance to ask any questions and relay any concerns you may have. Upon leaving our clinic, you'll be equipped with a tailored treatment plan designed to meet your specific skin goals.

Please note, that if time permits, you may be able to receive treatment from Dr Tong immediately after your consultation.


All of our consultations take place in-person at our clinic at Crookstown Healthcare Centre.

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